Genuine colors. The sun never makes high noon this time of year, so the angle you get on sunny days is always quite brilliant. It’s 4PM now and the sun is hitting the outside of my apartment without blinding me inside. Really nice, actually. I’m sitting on the bed, one strip of blue with wisps of jet contrails and light, high clouds adding the slightest bit of texture to the rich color. Next, the modern, somewhat institutional tan brick is illuminated in yet another strip. Bright and warm, it compliments the brilliant blue sky next to it. Textured and slightly warm from the years of natural abuse it has taken, it is the facade of the building that I can only see a little of from inside. An even thinner strip of red and rusted brown is next, also illuminated and enriched by the low sun. These are the mounts for the shutters, which are no longer there, again due to unforgiving elements (and negligent former tenants). Lots of shades there, due to it being partially wood and partially metal. It isn’t warm, but leaving the window wide open doesn’t make the room colder either. Outside I can hear people yelling and speaking loudly in languages I can’t understand. The flea market is mostly packed up now and people are leaving in their smoke-bellowing diesel trucks. But, I can’t see any of this just sitting on the bed; all I see is the sky and I like it that way… Nothing but sky in the view, something hard, quite hard to accomplish in Paris.